Oil mist extraction and air filtration

The future of oil mist filtration is here !
Call Lubriserv now for advice Anyone who produces coolant or oil mist and smoke knows the problems that arise if you don’t effectively capture and filter it. Without suitable extraction and oil mist filtration it causes many problems from oil stains on machinery and floors, a foggy haze across the plant, oily residues on walls, equipment and electrical panels, not to mention the hazards of personnel inhaling in high levels of oil and chemicals. Oil residue caused from oil mist is costly to clean up, may cause problems with equipment that is costly to repair.
PATENTED CONICAL FILTER TECHNOLOGY Requires far less maintenance or filter replacements than existing oil mist collection technology

  • Filter life 1 – 5 years
  • Designed in Europe
  • 99.97% efficient
  • Clogging is monitored with a pressure gauge
  • Large selection of capacities

See the particle analysis in the video clip below following filtration with our AOF oil mist filter on a Star sliding head machine The oil mist filters are available in either black or white and have a manometer to indicate when cleaning of the filter is required; moreover, the three filter elements at the front have been replaced by a single removable, easy-to-clean filter element. This oil filter element is, furthermore, equipped with an air distribution plate ( which produces a ‘tornado effect’) to achieve even better separation. The other unique features of the original unit, which comprise the engery-efficient motors, vibration-free operation and high efficiency (99,97%) have of course been retained.

The new improved AOF Aircleaners are available under model numbers, AF-10P, AF-20P and AF-30P

Technical specifications

Unit          Motor      Airflow      Noise level  Filter effect      Weight
 AF-10P         0.2 kW     11 m3/min        60 db 99.97%      39 kg
 AF-20P         0.4 kW     19 m3/min        66 db 99.97%      42 kg
 AF-30P         1.15 kW     37 m3/min        68 db 99.97%      66 kg

The innovative, washable first-stage filter is built up of various layers of expanded stainless steel. This structure results in depth filtration, a process which enables the separation of extremely fine aerosol particles. The filtration of aerosol particles is further optimised by first feeding the airflow to the filter element by means of a tornado effect. This ‘Tornado’ plate is fitted to the top of the filter element. The fact that the element is made of stainless stell means that is can easily be cleaned and used again. What is more, the element is simple and quick to assemble and disassamble.

The first-stage-filter

Aircleaner with pre-filtering system has an 8-blade disk which works like the tornado principle and filters fine particulate matters.



Coolant mist, oil mist, and oil smoke from machining are hazardous and can be potentially carcinogenic and also cause the development of asthma or lung diseases. Multi-stage filtration is required to remove progressively finer mists and swarf; with heavy duty final filtration for oil mist and smoke applications. Final stage HEPA filtration ensures almost 100% removal of contaminants. It is your duty to ensure a safe working environment for your employees. When machining parts, coolant forms a mist within the machine tool which should be captured and filtered before the machine door is opened to prevent operator exposure. For coolant mist extraction and filtration We offer a range of mist filter units with capacities ranging from 500 to 4000m3/hr, allowing us to capture mist from even the largest machine tools.



For smaller oil mist extraction filter installations we have the AOF filters – ideal for sliding head machines like Star, Citizen, Tornos etc


  • Multi-stage filtration: The entry baffle deflects large particles to protect filters. The mesh filter removes the majority of coolant mist and aerosol particles from the airflow. A prefilter removes fine mist. HEPA filtration removes remaining particles.
  • Coolant return: Filtered coolant is returned to a drip tray (provided with the machine) or can be returned to your machine tool.
  • Instrumentation: Accurate pressure gauges show the condition of each filter. Indicator lights show machine operation and error for enhanced reliability.


Use our LUBRIMIST CD unit LUBRIMIST CD is a self-contained blowdown station designed for the removal of coolant, swarf, dirt and other contaminants from components. Pressing the foot pedal operates the suction system and also allows the compressed air gun to work. Droplets can be manually blown from parts and into the integral bin; fugitive mist and droplets are prevented from escaping by the polycarbonate screen. Just connect to single air supply and it’s ready for use !