Machine And Parts Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning is an important factor in working processes in modern industrial works. Besides of product quality it ensures the processing and especially safeguards the employee and environment. The process of low-pressure hot cleaning was developed in the eighties by ph-cleantec (formerly Schickert) to protect the repair mechanic when repairing brake systems from dangerous brake dust containing asbestos. Today this process, patented by ph-cleantec, represents the most universal method for cleaning brakes, machines and parts.
For many years this method has proven successful in different applications in car and truck workshops and also in the general industry.

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Product range

Cleaning in car/utility vehicles workshops

Due to their functionality and flexibility ph-cleantec cleaners are “allrounders”. Their practical field of application in the car/truck workshops ranges from brake cleaning, parts and up to sectional engines and chassis cleaning. Through the electric flow heater and the integrated tank, the system can be used in any location. They are very practically ready for use immediately. In addition, ph-cleantec technology helps to protect employees and the environment, compared with other conventional methods ph-cleantec technology has the advantage of being a chemical-free cleaning method because it mainly uses hot water. If required, an alkaline cleaning agent can be added as a cleaning accelerator and/or corrosion protector. “Incidentally” the directives of the employer’s liability insurance association are complied with, legal regulations (ordinance on hazardous substances, VOC guidelines) are met and employees thus motivated. Furthermore the method is extremely economic, since constant purchasing of cleaning agents is not necessary. Fire hazardous A 1 cleaning agents as well as hydrocarbon-based detergents (solvents) pollute the environment and in particular affect the health of the employees.

Industrial machine cleaning

There is no sure-fire way to prevent dirt and grime accumulating on industrial plant and equipment. Regular cleaning is essential to prolonging the service life of your machines and safeguarding your production.A well-tended system is not only the business card of a company and motivation for employees, but also guarantees operability and hygiene.

Important factor for machine cleaning is how to do it!!! ph-cleantec machine cleaning is based on low pressure and hot water. With the long lance it is also possible to clean at difficult to access points. The low water consumption of 1,8 l/min. ensures that the coolant balance of the machine is not affected. Cleaning also with cooling lubricants is possible. The integrated 60 l water tank makes you independent from permanent water supply. With our technology no sensitive components or gaskets are damaged as with high pressure. Stand-still times of machines are minimized.

Industrial parts cleaning

With the raised splash-proof bath even parts can be cleaned quickly and simply on the robust grid. A special sedimentation- and filtration system makes sure, that the main dirt releases into the collector and allows to use the water for a long time. To combat really stubborn dirt and grime, a concentrated cleaning agent can be added at a precisely controlled rate, if necessary also with a corrosion protection feature. The sturdy cleaning bath (for parts up to 80 kg) can also be used for dismantling of motors, gears, etc. Supplemented by versatile spray accessories even difficult to access points or hard dirt can be optimally cleaned. A special sedimentation and filter procedure allows using the circulating water. Thus we make an important contribution to economical water consumption and the system is independent from a permanentwater supply.

The applications:

  • Fixture devices
  • Bearings
  • Electrical engines
  • Pneumatic parts
  • Press tools, punching tools and drawing dies
  • Chain saws, law mowers
  • Drives, pumps
  • Hydrostatic gears
  • Hydraulic aggregates and valves
  • Cylinders, valves, air-distributing valves
  • Propeller shafts/protective covers
  • Propeller shafts/protective covers
  • Deep-drawn and chasing parts
  • Dirt consisting of wax or abrasive, polishing and honing pastes
  • Preparatory cleaning for subsequent painting
  • Calibration for extrusion processes
  • Tools for the production of glass
  • Brakes and engine drives

Comparison of costs:

  • between 10 – 20 l has to be refilled without recyling >>> 30,- to 60,- £/ change
  • Manual filling between 10 – 15 min >>> 8,- to 15,- £/change

Amortisation of KW-FK collector after approx. 40 changes

Advantages of the ph-cleantec cleaning method:

  • quick and efficient
  • cleaning difficult to access points
  • short standstill times
  • no solvents
  • no contamination of cooling lubricants by foreign particles
  • no damage to operational components and sensory mechanisms
  • cleaning also with cooling lubricants
  • independent machine concept
  • low water consumption

Cost saving/Comparison of costs

  • Time saving depending on cleaning intensity min. 50 %
  • per machine between 10 – 30 min.
  • in case of complete cleaning several hours
  • based on a hourly machine rate of approximate ly 150,00 £ the amortisation will be reached at less than 40 cleaned machines!

Your advantages:

  • Universal
  • From a “thimble” to large parts
  • no or few chemicals
  • Economic
  • Mobile
  • Can be used in the workshop
  • No damage to sensitive components
  • Cleaning at difficult to access points

With clever equipment we provide also for efficient and gentle working processes

Application report: coolant recycling in utility vehicle workshops

Regarding handling and waste disposal in utility workshops are facing a real problem. The ph-cleantec coolant recycling collector offers enormous advantages. Collects the cooling agent during repair at the cooling circuit, deposits temporarily and provides for an un-crewed refilling.


  • easy handling of coolants
  • ease of use
  • better ergonomy
  • coolants can be re-used
  • economical and quick