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Coolant recycling improves uptime and profit Treatment and recycling of coolant and cutting fluids can generate profits, both economic and environmental.

Engineering Company fined £800,000 for coolant mist problem !

Lubriserv on TV advising engineering companies about coolants and equipment

Get your coolants under control with new iPhone app

The coolant control app from Lubriserv is designed to help engineering companies monitor and control their soluble metalworking coolants.

To use it is simple – set up with your machine tool details then each time you check your coolants enter the results into the app under ‘coolant checks’. The app will calculate the concentration % and record the results e.g. pH, tramp oil etc. The app can then graph results or export historical data by department or machine tool. It also has a comprehensive reference guide explaining terminology, storage, mixing, control, problems, disposal, health and safety, troubleshooting and much more

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