Lubriserv takes an overall view on your manufacturing process to ensure our metalworking fluid equipment solutions provide you with the most cost-effective methods and a quick return of investment.

We will help you select the most effective equipment systems for:

This opens up major opportunities for reduced costs, faster production and increased revenue.

With extensive experience in metalworking fluids and equipment, Lubriserv is ideally placed to offer the optimum equipment solutions for the metalworking industry. We offer a comprehensive range of equipment from tramp oil skimmers through to fully automatic swarf processing systems to handle swarf crushing, spinning, briquetting – all focused to reduce your oil consumption and improve your manufacturing performance.

By using the correct equipment and extending fluid life or recycling fluid will allow you reduce consumption significantly saving cost on new fluids and waste disposal. Once the equipment is in place it will allow you to use the best performance metalworking coolants and fluids giving the best quality parts, cleanest machines and best working environments.