Coolant Recycling And Management Equipments

With a our knowledge of metalworking fluids and management, Lubriserv is ideally placed to offer the optimum fluid equipment solutions for the metalworking industry. We offer a comprehensive range of fluid recycling/management equipment from tramp oil skimmers through to hi speed mobile centrifuges – all focused to reduce your oil consumption and improve your manufacturing performance.

Hi speed mobile centrifuge separator for coolant cleaning
Mobile tramp oil separator and filter for coolant cleaning
Mobile basket centrifuge for particle removal from fluids
Mobile basket centrifuge for particle removal from fluids


Mobile high speed centrifuge for hydraulics/oil/fuel to remove particles and water


Coolant mixers and piping equipment

Consider the contaminants constantly entering the coolant in use:

Tramp oil – comes from various sources:

  • Lubricating oils from slide ways etc.
  • Hydraulic oils from leaking seals on hydraulic rams etc.
  • Cutting oils carried by the work piece.
  • Corrosion prevention oils carried by the work piece.
  • Poorly mixed or poor quality coolant concentrates.

Other contaminants.

  • Also some metal soaps can require removal.
  • Some coolant concentrates are designed to flocculate and reject the hardness particles found in non treated water, this flocculated material agglomerates well with oils and greases to form a very viscous material which requires removal from the coolant.
  • Bacterial slime requires removal from the coolant.
  • Fungal growths can also be removed from the coolant.

Why recycle it ?

The big advantages in using coolant recycling are:

  • Longer lasting coolant – less purchasing cost.
  • The reduction of waste – less disposal cost.
  • Less machine down time – increased productivity.
  • Less frequent machine clean outs – reduced labour costs.
  • Automatic top up of machine tools – reduced labour costs.
  • The reduction of bad smells.
  • Reduced smoking caused by tramp oil.
  • Reduce risks of skin infections and other health problems.
  • Improve cooling efficiency – reduce tooling costs – improve machining quality.
  • Reduce staining on work pieces.

It can reduce costs – reduce risks to health – reduce waste improve efficiency – improve machining quality – improve the environment


It can be used in almost every machining application that use water based emulsions as coolants, wash fluids, de-burring fluids and grinding fluids


It can be applied as a single piece of equipment for a specific machine or as a compilation of equipment for a number of machines.

  • Cool-Clean unit (Tramp oil and particles)
  • Alfie 500 – High speed mobile centrifuge Tramp oil and particles)
  • Lubrispin – Basket centrifuge (Particles)
  • Oil Skimmer – Tramp oil
  • EMMIE 2 (particle and water removal for hydraulic oils)