Lubriserv are Sole UK Agent for INDASS Swarf Processing Equipment

Industrie Associate is one of the most important European manufacturers of swarf processing, movement and storage plants.Indass’ headquarters is located 12 Km south of Brescia. The Technical office is equipped with state-of-the-art informatics equipment. Industrie Associate is recognised as an industry leader in Swarf processing equipment with unrivalled expertise, experience, skills and flexibility. Customized solutions can be designed for specific needs, meeting current European regulations. The company is active, commercially and with service centers, all over Italy as well as in France, Spain, Switzerland and Germany.

LUBRISERV’S no nonsense approach to Swarf Handling makes Money ! Engineering companies in the UK face increasing waste disposal costs and pressure from legislative authorities to reduce their impact on the environment. Effective swarf management is now of key importance and not just a side issue. Managing your swarf properly will improve your company’s image, help the environment and save you both money and effort.Industry examples illustrate the potential cost and environmental benefits of adopting a professional approach to swarf management. Minimise the amount of scrap produced – use the optimum raw materials and machining techniques Maximise the value of the swarf for re-use and recycling – Processing by crushing/shredding, spinning, separating Reclaim the cutting fluids – Swarf weight can be made up of up to 25% fluids adhering to the surfaces Segregate different materials – e.g. don’t mix 718 alloy with cast iron Appropriate storage – essential to minimise contamination with other metals, rainwater and cutting fluids.



In metal cutting operations where cutting fluids are used, the swarf absorbs a large amount of coolant. What is desired is dry chips that are easy to handle and cutting fluids that can be reclaimed and fed back to the cutting operation, either directly or via a filtering stage. Centrifuging, filtering of the cutting fluid and removal of the dry swarf can be handled by a continuously working swarf handling system, where manual labour often can be entirely eliminated.


Less than half of the cutting fluid in the swarf can be recovered through static settling and draining. By means of a wringer or centrifuge the recovery can be increased to 90%. LUBRISERV can show you centrifuging installations which can be paid-off in a few months.

The Environment

Through continuous centrifuging of swarf and reclamation of the cutting fluid, spill is avoided. Centrifuging and recovery of cutting fluids also means that your company takes on its responsibility for the environment and care for the waterways.


Constant RPM continuous centrifuges are now the most popular choice for wringing the fluids from the crushed chips. These are available in both vertical axis and a new horizontal axis type. The horizontal axis type has the advantage of removing the drive machinery from the processing area, permitting easier maintenance. Also, the wear parts of the centrifuge are more accessible, and the horizontal axis centrifuge has no trap for the sludge, which is normally entrained with the coolant being removed. Vertical centrifuges – These are ideal for smaller capacity systems especially where the material type does not require any segregation. A popular choice for smaller machine shops with a swarf capacity up to 150 Kg/hr. Usually skid mounted for easy plug and play installation. Horizontal centrifuges – The horizontal centrifuge represents a completely new idea in swarf processing. This concept is the expression of in-depth studies aimed at the achievement of the following targets: low investment cost; low operating and maintenance costs; Reduction of the moisture residuals up to 1 – 3% max. The coolant and the chips are centrifuged in a horizontally suspended drum where the coolant is separated by means of a wedge bar screen. For an optimization of the components, the centrifuge has minimum power absorption and lower costs than other centrifuges of same capacity on the market. Thanks to the ideal place of the motor unit and of the modular basket system, it allows a simple and fast maintenance at a very low cost. The even distribution of the chips allows fast and very effective oil extraction and drying. Our horizontal centrifuges are easily cleaned and serviced, there is no sludge build-up in the drive assembly The range of SCE Horizontal centrifuges can process from 300-400 Kg/hour up to 3000-5000 Kg/hour.


The first stage when treating swarf is the crushing. Bushy swarf is crushed or broken down to a uniform short chip material. It is important that the crusher has the ability to dissolve large swarf bundles and give an even flow of crushed swarf. This simplifies the transport and treatment of swarf, such as centrifuging. Lubriserv Ltd have a wealth of knowledge and experience and can supply the right crusher for your process.


Crushed, short chips carry a higher price than long swarf, because it is easier to handle when re-melted in steel works and foundries. Long swarf can sometimes be used when melting in cupola furnaces but not always. In addition to the direct economical gain from crushed swarf, there are even other advantages. The volume is reduced three to six times, which gives lower cost for internal and external transportation and less storage space is required.

The Environment

Bushy swarf and large swarf bundles always contain a lot of fluid and because it has a large surface and low density it will corrode fast. When such swarf is charged in melting furnaces it causes heavy smoke, which causes a heavy load on baghouses. Only after crushing the fluid can be removed and the density be reduced.

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<3>Swarf crusher from Lubriserv for Stainless steels/inconel/nickel swarf</3>

Our Crushers

Swarf Crusher SCR20

Especially designed for bushy swarf – has low operating cost and is less noisy than any other crusher. There are swarf crushers which crush as well as our crusher and there are crushers with higher capacity, but there is no other crusher which has better properties in swarf handling systems. It can receive large bundles of bushy swarf, break them down and supply an even flow of swarf to following treatment stages. This property of this crusher is a key to optimum capacity utilization and smooth running of a swarf handling system. The crusher runs at very low speed, which means lower noise level than for any other crusher (the noise level is lower than the ambient noise in a machine shop) and also means low energy consumption and low maintenance cost. The automatic lubrication system, the reversing equipment and the bar end rejector contribute to a problem-free operation. The crushers can be supplied with different optional equipment, such as level switches and fine crushing tools. Our range of crushers go from 7.5kW (which will process 400-700Kg/Hr of Steel chips or 150-250Kg/Hr of Aluminium chips) To 37kW (which will process 5000-8000Kg/Hr of steel chips or 1650-2650Kg/Hr of Aluminium chips) These figures are dependant on the type of swarf – volume/weight, size and shape.

Model Capacity/h (kg)1) Measures (mm) Power
SCR10 300-500 740x1340x1680 7,5 kw.
SCR20 600-1000 740x1570x1915 15 kw.
SCR25 2) 1100-2000 730x900x2112 30 kw.
DSCR40 2) 4000-5000 1640x1915x2970 37 kw.

Our vertical crusher type SCR receives large bundles of bushy swarf, breaks them down and will supply an even flow of swarf to following treatment stages, i.e. to a swarf centrifuge or a briquetter The grinder is composed of a roller and a pusher. The latter, run by a hydraulic unit, automatically pushes the swarf against the turning shaft. The inserts placed on the roller, hook the chips and push them against a holed grid. The diameter of the holes can vary due to the required size of chips. The grinder is run by a PLC.

Example Technical data for TR400 unit (Larger units are available):

  • Strong frame
  • Electric power: 7.5 kW
  • Hydraulic unit to run the pusher (kW 0.55)
  • Grinder dimensions: 850 x 1700 x h. 450 mm
  • Crushing chamber lenght: 400 mm
  • Blades in special steel. They are reversible and easily changeable
  • Weight: 450 kg
  • Anti shock device, to absorb any stress.

NOTE: The grinder TR400 cannot accept solids/bar ends among chips. Any solid will jam the grinder and the solid must be taken off manually.


Whether you require just a simple centrifuge system of 100Kg/hour or you require a complete factory system supplying and filtering coolant, removing and conveying the swarf from machines, processing via crushing / bar end separation / centrifuging / storage of dried swarf, reclamation of coolant etc Lubriserv have the right swarf solution for you.