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Coolant recycling improves uptime and profit Treatment and recycling of coolant and cutting fluids can generate profits, both economic and environmental.

Synthetic Cutting Oil for Sliding Heads

Longer tool life, reduced fire risk, cleaner machines

New COOL-CLEAN Tramp oil/sludge separator


Briquette your swarf – stainless steels, aluminium, brass, grinding sludge etc.Reclaim your oils

The last process stage in a chip handling system where applicable is briquetting. Here a specially designed hydraulic press compacts the chips into briquettes. Lubriservs’ HD10 Mini briquetter presses up to 40Kg/h (dependent on material type).

Metal turnings and chips from machining operations are reduced in volume, dramatically reducing storage space, by up to 80%. The result is more room for production, easier handling and lower transport costs. The compacted metal can be sold to your scrap processor or broker usually for a higher value than loose swarf as the compaction process squeezes most of the cutting fluids from the swarf. The fluid is collected in a built in storage tank.

The HD10 Mini Briquetter is controlled via a PLC and touchscreen panel.

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