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Coolant recycling improves uptime and profit Treatment and recycling of coolant and cutting fluids can generate profits, both economic and environmental.

Qualichem appoints Lubriserv as UK Partner

QualiChem Metalworking Fluids are a leading manufacturer of aerospace approved metalworking fluids with a focus on high performance coolants that offer manufacturers significant savings through tool life, cleanliness, higher product quality and longer sump life.

Qualichem have broken down the paradigm of traditional metalworking technology. Their strong focus on Health and Safety requires them find new and untraditional chemistry that will meet the unprecedented challenges of today’s machining requirements. High pressures, high speed and feed rates, coupled with harder to machine alloys drives QualiChem to be one of the fastest growing metalworking fluids manufacturer’s in the industry. Qualichems goal is to manufacture a broad array of products that help customer’s produce at higher speeds while reducing their over-all cost per part produced. Qualichems team of chemists continually innovates and delivers breakthrough technology and now with an added partnership with Lubriserv Limited product knowledge and coolant management expertise can continue to expand into the UK market

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LUBRICUT XS9 synthetic cutting oil for sliding head machines increases production at EMPIRE GB

LUBRICUT XS9 increases productivity at EMPIRE GB in Star sliding head machines Please click on image to see video of how LUBRICUT XS9 helped EMPIRE GB with their production Following a free trial of LUBRICUT XS9 on their Star sliding head machines, EMPIRE GB are now seeing the benefits of using this new synthetic fluid technology.

Modern CNCs especially sliding head machines are designed for high speed operation and improved surface finish, but conventional neat cutting oils may not provide the performance required to realise these benefits, causing various problems such as: overheating, poor tool life, smoke / fume production and even fires !

LUBRICUT XS9 offers extremely high machining performance. Mineral oil, heavy metal and chlorine free, the fluid contains a specially developed ultimate-generation EP additive. It is based on high quality synthetic ester and due to its affinity for metal surfaces improves the strength of the lubrication film and allows a greater friction reduction.

LUBRICUT XS9 has a very high flashpoint and excellent combustion resistance which significantly reduces the possibility of ignition caused by naked flames or hot/molten metal. Its low viscosity keeps your machines cleaner with less dragout on the swarf and a much lower consumption.

LUBRICUT XS9 has been especially designed in order to satisfy all the severe grinding, grooving and metal cutting applications of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It provides excellent cutting performance on difficult to machine metals i.e. stainless steels, titanium, nickel alloys etc.

LUBRICUT XS9 – another happy customer !

Copy of email received reference LUBRICUT XS9 Extreme performance cutting fluid for sliding head machines

Date: 19 October 2015 at 09:02:38 BS

To: “Jon Wainwright (”

Subject: XS9

Hi Jon

Just thought you would like to know that we are really starting to notice the benefit of this oil.

We have just completed a 303 st/st job, last time we did it the thread rolls lasted 5k parts running the XS9 they did 12k parts. Just on this job alone we saved around £250 on tooling.

Could we schedule in getting another machine changed over please?

Also while I am at it can we have another barrel please. PO 5420


Kind regards

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