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Oleogreen ESN10


Turncircuit Ltd is a highly respected precision engineering company based in Kemsig, near Sevenoaks, Kent. They have a wide range of CNC’s and sliding head machines, and work on a variety of materials from plastics through to Hastelloy series’.

Kevin D’Risario, Director at Turncircuit has many years of experience working with sliding head machines and currently runs Star 32 machines. After experiencing ever increasing tool costs, excessive cutting oil consumption and a requirement for longer run times he went in search of a solution.

Kevin said “After hearing about Lubriserv’s extreme performance synthetic oil -OLEOGREEN ESN10 and some very bold claims we decided to put it to the test. Lubriservs’ Engineers were very helpful and even came down to thoroughly clean out one of our Star machines before filling with the new fluid.”

“We monitored the performance on a range of materials from brass, stainless 304/316, 718, and inconels and the results were outstanding! OLEOGREEN ESN10 has all the properties we require; it’s clear, clean, low misting and a very low fire risk because of its self extinguishing properties. Performance wise it’s far superior to any oil we’ve used, for example, we have a regular job machining 316 stainless steel shafts each of which require 7 off 1.6mm dia by 10mm depth holes drilling using carbide drill bits. The batches are for a run of 650 shafts each time and previously using Starcut neat cutting oil we managed 50 off shafts before the drills broke or wore out, then we changed to Blasomill 22 neat cutting oil which gave us an increase to a maximum of 250 off shafts. Now using OLEOGREEN ESN10 we complete the full run of 650 shafts and the drills still look like new !”

The benefits haven’t stopped there Kevin explained “Our Operators are also impressed by the cleanliness, absence of mist and fumes, and they were the first to notice another significant benefit, the OLEOGREEN ESN10 is a lower viscosity than most oils and doesn’t seem to stick to surfaces like oil so, not only keeps the machines, screens and parts cleaner but has also minimised dragout on the swarf and reduced the oil consumption by around 60%.”

OLEOGREEN ESN 10 is a chlorine free, synthetic neat cutting fluid, that has been formulated using the latest advanced biodegradable ester based technology, and is ideal for use in Sliding Head CNC machines like Star, Citizen, Dugard and Tornos machines.

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