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Industrial Vacuums with a difference for swarf, oil and coolant

The TECNOIL range of swarf and oil vacuums are ideal for cleaning out swarf/debris and oils/coolant from machine tool sumps with the added benefit of being able to store or simultaneously pump the coolant back into the CNC machine after separating the swarf chips and filtering down to 100 microns.

The TECNOIL swarf and oil vacuums come in a range of sizes from 150 litre to 1000 litre capacity !.

Being able to pump swarf and coolant out from a machine tool at 300 litres per minute makes cleaning a CNC machine quick and easy, and by returning the filtered coolant straight back to the machine there is almost no loss of time or money to dispose of fluid and refill with new.

Each TECNOIL vacuum has a 2 year warranty and comes fully equipped with all the necessary pipes and attachments required to keep your machines and workspace clean.

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